Liberate The Podcast: Episode 5: The 5 Elements Of Mind


I am excited to share a podcast I did with Cristina Dam for Liberate Emporium about the healing modality, The 5 Elements of Mind. Here is a little quote from the podcast. 

"I learned how to just be. When something comes up, I check in. There are 5 "Processors" in the 5 Elements of Mind: Ego, Mental, Body, Emotions & Soul. And when you feel stuck on your life path, it's because one of those might be acting up, or they're not on the same page. No matter what's going on in your emotions and everything else, the Soul knows how to work with it. What this process has taught me is that there's always a way. There's always a way to get out of the conflict, there's always a way to get out of the sadness, and the shame."

Julian Sambrano, Artist, 5 Elements of Mind Practitioner, Clairvoyant & Healer at Liberate Emporium in Los Angeles, CA.

Listen to the podcast here!

Julian Sambrano Jr.