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Julian is an intuitive healer and artist living in Los Angeles.

In 2003, he attended Cal State Fullerton to pursue a degree in graphic design.  Early on, he found a passion for painting and photography during his prerequisite classes. Painting became his outlet and tool for self-discovery. He left school early to pursue a career in photography. He took on an active role furthering his experience as Sheryl Nields’ studio manager and produced photo shoots steadily for the last 10 years.

In 2011, he found his spiritual teacher, Leas Maria. He instantly gravitated towards her teachings. She taught him energetic healing, medical qigong, and The 5 Elements of Mind. This healing method creates a dialogue between the 5 aspects of the human personality; ego, mental, body, emotions, and soul. The objective is to develop an identity which we can heal our past traumas by learning to love ourselves, end our own suffering, and become empowered in conflicts intrapersonally and interpersonally. Leas Maria passed away in 2014. Julian continues to be inspired by Leas Maria and her work, actively spreading her teachings. He takes on clients while also training others in the 5 Elements of Mind.

The culmination of Julian’s passion for art and healing intersected in the summer of 2014. With the help of Las Fotos Project, a community based organization in Los Angeles, he launched a therapeutic art workshop focused on identity. It has since turned into a monthly drop-in series, MakerSpace, which is open to the community of East Los Angeles. He is currently working with the organization to further develop their Limitless program which merges mindfulness and photography. 

In 2015, he collaborated with Song Zha Art Project on the border of China and Burma. He taught photography to children in refugee camps to document their own stories. He hopes to go back, one day, to help with their summer camp. 

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